Professional Detail Services

Star Detail Special
(Star Wash, Complete Interior Cleaning, One-Step Cleaner/Polish/Wax, Jamb Residue Removal, Fender Well Cleaning & Dressing, Exterior Trim Dressing, Trunk Vacuum, Rain-X Windshield Treatment, Tar Removal (Most Cars), Hand Clean Mag Wheels, Complete Protectant)
Star Detail Super Special
(Star Detail Special plus Meguiar's Two-Step Paint Correction System and Polymer Sealant)
Showroom Shine and Protect
(Star Detail Super Special plus Meguiar's Three-Step Paint Correction System - for the removal of heavy oxidation, or to bring out the most color & depth in your finish, and finish with Paint Sealant - our "TOP OF THE LINE", six month guaranteed sealant for added protection and longevity)
* Oversized vehicles may require an additional charge


Polish Shop Services
  • Professional Hand Wax
  • Polymer Sealant Wax
  • One-Step Cleaner/Polish Wax
  • Synthetic Paint Sealant (6 Month Guaranteed)
  • Meguiar's Two-Step Paint Corrections System (Buff & Polish)
    (Two-Step Paint Correction is applied for added depth, color, and luster in your paint. Also for removal of light to medium oxidation. Heavily oxidized paint may require Three-Step)
  • Meguiar's Three-Step Paint Correction System (Buff & Polish)
  • Meguiar's Paint Correction System Upgrades:
    • with Polymer Sealant Wax...add $20.00*
    • with Synthetic Paint Sealant...add $56.00*
    • Paint OverSpray Removal...$125 & up
      (removal of surface contaminants from exterior paint finish)


Interior Cleaning Services
  • Complete Interior Cleaning
    (Carpets, seats & mat shampoo, clean and dress dash, doors and interior vinyl)
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Seat Cleaning
  • Interior Super Clean
  • Leather Seat Treatment
Miscellaneous Services
  • Vinyl Top Cleaned & Dressed
  • Tar removal (By quote)
$8.00 & Up
  • Hand Wash
    (Includes: Vacuum, Wheel Cleaning, & Tire Protectant)
  • Hand Wash Oversized Vehicle
$38.99 & Up
* Oversized vehicles may require an additional charge