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FREE Wash Club Membership!

FREE Wash Club Membership!


Star Car Wash now has a totally "automated system" for tracking your purchases and rewarding you for them.

  • Services provided are tracked in our system using your vehicle's plate number.
  • Service points are associated with that license plate number and accumulated.
  • Your accumulated points shown on your receipt each time you visit.
  • Redeem accumulated points for FREE Services...simply inform our cashier!

Below you will find a Credits Chart for how to receive points, and then an Awards Chart to see how you can redeem those points for FREE Services!


Star Car Wash gives a new definition to painless!

Credits Chart...Points Earned for Services
Service Provided Club Points Earned
Exterior Wash 15 Points
Star Wash 25 Points
The Super 40 Points
XTreem Choice 40 Points
XTreem Works 40 Points
Club Wash Awards
Service Provided Club Point Awards
Exterior Wash 150 Points
Star Wash 250 Points
The Super 450 Points
XTreem Choice 550 Points
XTreem Works 700 Points

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