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Add-On Wash Services

XTreem Paint System (Couples Our Top Of The Line Shine Enhancer & Our Top Of The Line Paint Protector For A Powerful Two Step) $15.00
XTreem Carnauba (Our Top Of The Line Shine Enhancer - Applied through our Wall of Foam Applicator For Maximum Coverage) $9.00
XTreem Shield (Our Top Of The Line Paint Protection) $6.00
Ultra Shine (Premier Online Paint Conditioner) $6.00
Interior Protectant (Dash, Console, Door Panels) $9.00
Under Body Rust Inhibitor $3.00
Mats Cleaned $3.00
Polish Wax $4.00
Sealer Wax $3.00
Fragrance $2.00
Hand Clean Wheels $4.00
Tire Protectant $3.00
Exterior Protectant (Tires, Bumpers, & Trim) $7.00
Complete Protectant (Interior & Exterior Protectant) $13.00
Cards Accepted at all of our Star Car Wash locations
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